Class Fees & Contracts 2020

Introductory Trial Classes

  • R150 per person (once off then monthly fees apply)

Monthly Cash/EFT fees only    

  • 1 class per week (4 sessions per month) – R510
  • 2 classes per week (8 sessions per month) – R865
  • 3 classes per week (12 sessions per month) – R1,120
  • 4 classes per week (16 session per month) – R1,450

Top up classes (additional sessions over and above your contract)

  • 1 class – R150
  • 2 classes – R280
  • 3 classes – R400
  • 4 classes – R550

Pay as you Pole (3 Month expiry)

  • 5 classes – R700
  • 10 classes – R1200

  • Prices and class schedule subject to change without notice. No refunds for fees paid for classes.
  • We offer three and six month contracts, payment by debit order ONLY on the 5th of each month. (currently unavailable due to Covid)
  • Sessions are non transferable.
  • Debit orders will continue unless payment is requested to be stopped in writing.
  • Students must give 30 days in advance to cancel contract before the next month.
  • No shows or cancellation of classes less than 6 hours in advance, session will be forfeited – you will not be able to unbook the class on Itensity, if you cancel with enough notice you will be able to unbook your class and another session can then be booked within the same month. We do understand that emergencies happen so your session can be caught up in extreme cases.
  • Classes cancelled in advance can be caught up within the month of cancellation. No rollover classes to the next month.