Vertical Secrets Pole Dance Studio

Vertical Secrets Pole Dance Fitness Studios offers professional pole dance fitness classes to women and men of all ages, shapes and sizes.

The original founder, with over 12 years of pole dancing experience in both America and South Africa founded the studio in 2010 and has successfully had the longest running pole dance studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our current owner has a dance background of 20 years and has been involved in the fitness industry, as a personal trainer, for over 5 years. With a new-found passion for pole dancing and an all-round passion for arts and entertainment, Vertical Secrets has the perfect balance of dance and fitness for everyone. All our instructors have individual backgrounds, ranging from performing arts to body building, and each bring their own unique creative flair to the classes.

Pole dance fitness will increase your metabolism, help you lose weight, improve muscle tone, help reduce body fat, improve muscle strength, improve flexibility, coordination and most importantly a major boost in confidence.

Our Studio is located in Table View and we offer a variety of Pole Fitness classes to help you get fit and strong. Email us for more information on our classes.

Looking to celebrate or need a party idea? We do hen/bachelorette parties, divorce parties and book clubs or just have a lady’s night.

We also offer professional performers for corporate and local events.

What Our Students Say

Our instructor was a really cool girl who led us in groups through a series of stretches and sexy walks back and forth across the mood lit.

Natalie Paige


VS offer a big variety of classes, some classes are quite similar, so I group them together. All classes are taught in either the pole classroom or the anther classroom which has no poles in it.

Anna Leubenburg

Manager Assistant

I’ve wanted to try pole fitness for some time now. It’s clear the amount of strength it takes to be good at it, and that’s what I want!

Brandi Hout

Student UCT

Everyone made me feel really welcome and comfortable, including other students. I’m hooked! 🙂

Kristen Usau

Fitness Mom