Yes, all X-Poles are multi-piece and portable.The X-Pert is supplied with 2 nylon carry cases, one for the individual pole pieces and the round case for the dome and base which makes X-Pert extremely portable.The Sport Pole complete set comes inside one nylon carry case.The Kendra Sport Pole complete set comes inside one nylon carry case as well as a color box with handle.

X-Poles comes in two types. SPORT (XS) is a purely static pole(non-spinning). XPERT (XX) is static and spinning in one pole. To change the mode of operation 2 screws are released or tightened to transfer X-Pert from static to spinning or back again. This takes less than 15 secs. With the screws tightened the X-Pert is locked solid and is in Static mode.

All X-Poles have soft silicone pads around the base. This gives excellent grip to virtually any surface and also stops any damage. As long as the silicone pad is clean and undamaged no marks will be left on the floor.

We do not have an official weight limit. We have set it up at high heights and have had 2 dancers (250+lbs) on a single X-Pert/Sport/Kendra and it has been completely secure!The X-Pert/Sport/Kendra pole are professional grade poles that are VERY stable. You can do the most advanced move/tricks on them. If you set up any of the poles properly you literally cannot knock it down!! Information provided by X-Pole